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Mercury Benefits

Your Business Benefits

With industry-leading flexibility and functionality, Mercury adapts to the demands of your credit union's operations. Mercury positions your credit union to maximize technology and make it work for you and your members.

  • Simplifies set-up, maintenance and support with Microsoft standard architecture and software running on industry-standard hardware

  • Enables integration with third-party products through open system design

  • Reduces training time and speeds service delivery with efficient, streamlined processes and easy-to-use features

  • Facilitates better business decisions with powerful, flexible reporting tools

  • Allows easy service expansion with comprehensive front and back-office functions

Your Member Benefits

Mercury delivers substantial benefits to your credit union and your members. From enhanced service to greater convenience, your members will quickly recognize your commitment to serving their needs.

  • Enhances member service by equipping your front-line staff with easy-to-use features and streamlined processes

  • Expands convenient channel delivery options through smooth integration with today's eBanking solutions

  • Delivers effective cross-sell capabilities and enhanced campaign management

  • Increases member security through photo and signature identification tools displayed on the teller screen

  • Facilitates a more personalized member experience with readily available member profiles and efficient teller transaction tools

  • Delivers attractive, professional statements and receipts leveraging standard, current technology